Tuesday, 19 January 2010

i wear my sisters clothes

my family was out and i was alone in the house i was 11

so i put on my sisters panties and then a bra i then put on a pink mini skirt a pear of white thigts and a blouse the blouse an skirt was my mams i then put on a blond wig and some makeup et-lipstick face cream blusher eyeliner then i put on some of my mams pink high heels i walked around the house and went in the street for a bit and then a lady came over and said i looked nice then a boy came over and asked if i would go out with him i said yes then we kissed and he stuck his willy up my bum i am not gay he didnt know i was a boy then i walked down my local shop and then went back to my house. they will be moore stories about me in my sisters clothes.